The Spiritual Growth
Autumn Seminar 2023 

3 October - 7 October 2023

Place: Hotel Taivaanvalkeat - Levi Center Hullu Poro ja Tonttula


In this seminar, you are able to develop your mediumship by guidance of several well-experienced tutors!

Dive deep into the magical atmosphere of Lapland - no street lights, no duties - just peace.

WORKSHOPS: 3.-4.10.2023 ja 6.-7.10.2023

Choose the most suitable treatment or private sitting!
PRIVATEDAY RESERVATIONS: By text message +358 40 650 6506 


Sofia Nola -  Shamanistic workshop
Alan Craig - Connection to the spirit world through a passive state
Anu Väisänen - Visual senses and their use for body scans
Tuula Jukola-Nuorteva - Evidential mediumship
Tapio Voutilainen - Healer training - recognize the internal movements and rhythms of the body
Annie ja Vesa - Seeking spirits - Paranormal workshop
Kaija Sundberg - Chakras opening Your Soul Potential

Stella Upton - Participation cancelled
Steven Upton -Participation cancelled


Lectures (10€)
Information will be updated later

Demonstrations (15€)
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(Please be there no later than 15 minutes before the start of the event)


You can participate in the workshop for just one day!
Price 80€ (incl. lecture and demo).
Register as a day visitor: by text message +358 40 650 6506


The seminar bus runs from Tampere  on 2.10.2023, heading towards Levi. You can also get on board from the way (Orivesi, Jämsä, Jyväskylä,  Viitasaari, Oulu, Kemi, Rovaniemi or as agreed along the way). The Return trip  starts on 7 October in the afternoon.  The bus schedule will be confirmed closer to the seminar.

The price of a roundtrip the bus ride is initially 120€. 


Private sittings in Taivaanvalkeat 5.10.2023

Take advantage of the opportunity to access various private sittings 
on Thursday 5 October 2023 from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Choose the most suitable private sitting for you

(Anu Väisänen, Alan Craig, Annie)

(Kaija Sundberg, Tapio Voutilainen)

(Tapio Voutilainen)

ENERGY HEALING, 2 energy therapists
(Kaija Sundberg, Tapio Voutilainen, Anne Virtanen, Merja Kovalainen)

(Sofia Nola, duration 1,5 hour)

(Annie ja Vesa, Alan Craig)


(Heli Hölttä)

Shamanic energy therapy 100 €, other treatments : 70 €
Evidential Mediumship: 75€ (+ interpreter included, if necessary)

TXT +358 40 650 6506


Tutors and workshops

When registering, choose whose instructor's workshop you would prefer to work in. 

NOTE! The workshops are of different sizes. You find the times and
lengths of the groups in the following introductions! 

Sofia Nola

3.-7.10.2023 Shamanistic workshop

This will be a theoretical and practical workshop.

We will start by defining a bit about shamanism and the basic understanding of it around the world. The shamanic understanding of life has many gifts for our daily life. 

The shamanic path is one of empowerment, it's a path that helps us release fears and patrons that no longer serve us, it empowers us with self-love, it helps us heal codependency and the wound of abandonment. Its medicine always looks for where the imbalance in our energy is and how to restore harmony.

We are not supposed to do all that alone. We have divine guidance and unconditional help available to us all the time, we just need to learn how to ask for it, and who to ask it to. This is what we will dive into deeply in this workshop.

  • Recognize and connect with your own guides in the spirit world 
  • Information about what spirit guides and ancestors are?
  • How to find, contact and respect your own guides?
  • A shared meditation to connect with your guides
  • Discussion of the construction of the "altar" 
  • How to Work with Your Own Spirit Guides

Shamanic Energy Healing 5.10.2023

The shamanic traditions in the Amazon now bring us their medicine to help humanity (in this moment of transition and spiritual awakening) to channel Light and Universal Love that root us in the body, on Earth, in the Present and in the Heart.

Removing any energy with the help of the Elements and the medicine of the plants, which prevents the flow of the life force, well-being and health.

Shamanic Healing happens from the sacred channel created between the Human, the Divine and Mother Nature, creating a connection with the breath of the Planet, with its multidimensional symbols and with the Light, guidance and protection of the Spiritual Allies.

The individual sessions focus on rescuing the parts of the soul lost in pain/trauma or in the past, filling in Universal Love and Peace, connecting with our spiritual allies and our ancestors.

This session is for any adult looking for:

  • Cleaning and Energy Renewal
  • Chakra Alignment
  • Mental - emotional - physical clarity
  • Rooting
  • Energy Protection
  • Break negative patterns
  • Contact with Spiritual and Ancestral Allies
  • Soul Rescue and Power Animal Rescue
  • Reduction and discipline of psychosomatic symptoms (anxiety, stress, phobias)
  • Guiding lost Sous to the light

Sofia Nola:  "Shamanic ways have many paths, they are all organic, they respect cycles and observe its movements as responses. The healer path and the energy world have always been in my life. I inherited them from my ancestors and both my grandparents. I didn't know how to follow the path of healer in today's society, so I decided to express myself through dance.

I have been working as a professional healer since 2013 and am constantly looking for more tools to understand what it means to be human now. In that quest, my path crossed with the Amazon indigenous healing system. These shamanic habits and knowledge changed my life and helped me see how everything felt purposeful. 

I found that dance is the most original way to heal and communicate with the divine. Increasingly, I associate what I know about the sciences and therapies of the new era with the practice of ancestral knowledge and guidance. They are different languages that try to help us in the same - in being healthy - from different perspectives. The most important thing I learned from all my experiences, energetically and humanly speaking, is that the divine and all the answers are always waiting for us within us."

Sofia´s page: Home | The Way Within (

Alan Craig

3.-7.10.2023 Connection to the spirit world through a passive state 

Let the comer of the spirit world tell about his personality and the things he wants to tell. Come and learn how by surrendering to the energy and merging with the spirit world, you can achieve a better flow and a smoother connection.  

You can participate in the entire 4-day workshop or come along just for a day


Alan Craig is from Scotland. Today he lives in Finland and works as a Spiritual medium and healer.  

More about Alan:

Maailmankuvia sarjassa: Alan Craig
RTV Yölähetys 18.10.2020
Maailmankuvia : Meedio Gathering / Alan Craig

Anu Väisänen 

3.-7.10.2023  Visual senses and their use for body scans

In the workshop, we do practical exercises with different senses. We will learn how we can scan the body through psychic reading. In addition, we practice raising energy and gaining information about the spirit world. 

In this workshop, we will try out how we can get information about those who have already passed on to the spirit world. We ask them to give information about their bodily affairs while they were still on earth. 

The workshop is suitable for you who do energy treatments, spiritual healing or convey a message from the spirit world. In the workshop you will learn to get information and use it responsibly! 

The workshop days are structured in such a way that each day we practice reading both the psychic and the spirit world. You can thus participate in the entire workshop if you wish, or come along for just a few days. 

Anu Väisänen has been working as a link between two worlds for over 15 years. She gives private readings, workshops and demonstrations all over Finland
More about Anu (in finnish): 
RTV esittää: Paulin pakeilla Anu Väisänen - YouTube
RTVn Yölähetys 18.10.2020 - Vieraana meedio Anu Väisänen ja ystävät. - YouTube

Tuula Jukola-Nuorteva

3.-7.10.2023 Evidential mediumship

In evidential mediumship we strengthen the ability to trust more strongly in the presence and connection of the loving spirit world. Under the guidance of a loving spirit world and with the help of versatile exercises, our ability to recognize the coming of the spirit world with quick, clear facts strengthens and we become more aware of what we sense with our different senses. The meaning of the message, which is the responsibility of the recipient, deepens from the general level to the most meaningful levels. We also fix our way of speaking and strengthen our skills to express things clearly, encouragingly and valuing the listener.

Tuula Jukola-Nuorteva has worked as a medium for over 20 years. She studied mediumistic skills in London at the College of Psychic Studies under Gerrie Mach for several years while completing her Healing studies. After her studies, Tuula was invited to the College of Psychic Studies to work as a psychic and teacher. Over the years, he taught weekly mediumship training classes at the College and led workshops, held mediumship sessions and gave private sessions. Tuula also frequently visited spiritualist churches and services in London as a medium.

Since 2000, Tuula has also visited and worked in the Finnish Spiritualist Society, Spiritual Development clubs and summer seminars as a medium and teacher as well as an instructor in national medial basic and advanced courses and Spiritual Knowledge courses. As a professional pedagogue, Tuula strongly believes that the instructor's most important task is to make students shine in a safe, encouraging and positive atmosphere.

Tapio Voutilainen

3.-4.10.2023 and 6.-7.10.2023 Healing Workshop- learn to know the inner movements and rhythms of your body 

What is your body's cranial rhythm? The tissues of the human body have a cranial rhythm, meaning a fysiological rhythm like heart beat or the rhythm of the breething. It can be disturbed by stress, strain or accident. With cranial rhythms it is possible to correct the dislocations emerged in the human body.

When you learn to know your own body, you will learn to take better care of its comprehensive well-being In this workshop we will examine the inner movements and rhythms of the body You will learn to recognise the tensions in your body and get the tools to relieve them. When your body is feeling good, so is your mind and your brains are sharp.

This workshop is for everyone who is intrested in well-being and healing

Tapio has already received healing gifts as a birth gift - just like his grandmother had. However, he closed this side of himself around the age of 8 because he didn't understand them and was scared when the spirit world approached him.

The treatment channels were opened again in 1996, when he began to see the side of the spirit world and sense the problems of the patient through his body. Tapio also has the ability to stop blood. 

For 20 years now, Tapio has had his own Osteopathic clinic, where he provides osteopathic treatments for all ages, from babies to adults. 

Annie ja Vesa

3.-7.10.2023 Seeking Spirits – Paranormal workshop

In case you are intrested in investigating phenomena of the Spirit World by using various techniques – welcome to our group!

We will take photos (mobile phone is OK), use recorder, Ghost Box and EMF among others. You may also use your mediumistic sensitivity. As a group we intend to create the energy needed for the Spirit World to come closer and to make themselves seen and heard. Open mind is all you need to join our group!


You may take a camera, recorder or other equipment of your own to the course if you wish.


Annie has always been aware of the unseen world and had her first personal strong experience at the age of 11. Ever since she has studied and trained different aspects of mediumship (trance, trance healing, shamanic path, evidential mediumship and spirit art) in Finland as well as taken courses for over 10 years in the famous Arthur Findlay College in the UK. For many years Annie was a chairman of a Spiritual Society in Turku and has been, and still is, organizing spiritual tutorial sessions and courses as well as private sittings face to face and via Zoom.


Vesa has also always had a certain awareness of the existens of the unseen world and he has been aware of the spirit helpers around him. As human beings it is importat to live our daily life and Vesa has always strived to take care of his responsibilites as well as he could have. Vesa has also worked some periods of time abroad so, the actual spiritual studying has become bigger part of his life not until later when he was able to leave his daily job. Ever since Vesa has taken a huge leap in his spirituality and he wants to give credit for this, along with his Spirit helpers, to Mrs Anu Väisänen, who encouraged Vesa to start his spritual studies. Vesa has studied in Finland with Anu Väisänen and for over 10 years in the famous Arthur Findlay College in the UK. Vesa is doing trance healing, private sittings and having tutorial group sessions face to face and via Zoom.

Annie and Vesa live together in Pirkanmaa, Finland and share the dedication and love to the Spirit World and mediumship and the spiritual work to help others.

Annie and Vesa are intrested in various aspects of mediumship, but specially trance state and trance healing is very close to their heart. They both also share the intrest to physical mediumship and are open to new ways to combine different aspects of mediumship as their Spirit Teams have made them aware of that intrest too.

Annie and Vesa want to emphazise the importance of Sitting in the Power as it deepens the connection and blending with the Spirit World.

Kaija Sundberg

3.-7.10.2023 Chakras opening Your Soul Potential 

During the workshop, we get to know the world of chakras, i.e. the body's energy centers, expanding our usual circle of experience with the support of our intuition and spirit world guides. 

With the help of chakra work, we can make the enormous potential of the soul more widely available in our lives and work on and release fears, traumas or subconscious obstacles that hinder our development. 

We work in a confidential atmosphere using e.g. meditation, drawing, colors, music, scents and intuitive deep-creating conversation. We do a lot of exercises that you can also continue at home to support your own development.

You can participate in both or just the second day!

To whom is this workshop? This workshop is for both the more experienced students as well as the beginners. You need not to know anything about the chakras. What you need is just an open mind and the intention to find the inner peace and to work together with others.

Kaija Sundberg is the owner of Valonsilta, Natural Treatment Center, and an experienced organizer of several well being events, as well as spiritual growth courses and seminars held yearly in Finland.

Kaija Sundberg´s Natural Healing Center Valonsilta is offering diverse therapies as well as Spiritual courses and private sittings in Tampere and Virrat (Finland).

Accommodation and meal package

The seminar will take place in Levi Taivaanvalkeat, Lapland, in the beautiful riverside scenery of Ounasjoki.
You can also participate in the event without accommodation.


The seminar venue Taivaanvalkeat can accommodate approx. 45 people. Additional space can be found at the hotel Hullu Poro in the center of Levi, from which there are daily transports to the seminar venue.

Accommodation and meal packages at the seminar venue 

  • single room/person: 560€/5 nights or 336€/3 nights
  • 2 person room/person: 420€/5 nights tai 252€/3 nights

The prices includes a meal package (breakfast, lunch, afternoon coffee/tea, and home-cooked dinner)

For an additional fee, you can exchange one night in Taivaanvalkeat for staying in Pyramid's cosmic energies for €199/night. 

Meal package for day visitors 
Lunch €10
Dinner €35
The Cafe serves customers during the day


Accommodation and meal packages can be booked directly from Hullu Poro:, phone +358 16 651 0500.
When making reservations, mention any food restrictions and roommate wishes.


Taivaanvalkeat is located in Lapland, Kittilä, Finland. SEE INTRUCTIONS FOR ARRIVAL HERE.

The nearest airport is Kittilä, from where it is approx. 20 km to the seminar venue TAIVAANVALKEAT and TONTTULA


The seminar bus runs from Tampere towards Levi. You can also board on the way (Orivesi, Jämsä, Jyväskylä, Viitasaari, Oulu, Kemi, Rovaniemi or as agreed along the way). The price of the bus ride is initially 120€. 

Price information


- Total 4 days: €280
- 2 days:
- Day visitors:

Registration reservation fee of €100 is paid within a week of registration. (Note: The booking fee is only refunded with a doctor's certificate).  


IBAN: FI87 5403 4120 0029 89
Account name: Luontaishoitola Valonsilta
Address: Virtaintie 34, 34800 Virrat, Finland
Currency: Euro
Reference: 4132


The seminar bus runs from Tampere on 2.10.2023, heading towards Levi. You can also get on board from the way (Orivesi, Jämsä, Jyväskylä, Viitasaari, Oulu, Kemi, Rovaniemi or as agreed along the way). The Return trip starts on 7 October in the afternoon. The bus schedule will be confirmed closer to the seminar.

The price of a roundtrip the bus ride is initially 120€. 


Demonstrations: 15
Lectures: 10
Private sittings: 75 (interpreter included if necessary)
Healing: 60 € (interpreter included if necessary)

We reserve the right to make any price or program changes