The Spiritua

24 March - 26 March 2022

The Spiritual Spring Boost 2023 offers you the opportunity to boost your spiritual abilities under the guidance of several well-experienced and respected tutors during a long weekend.

TUTORS AND WORKSHOPS 25-26 March 2023:

STELLA UPTON - Paranormal Investigation
STEVEN UPTON - Trance speaking
ALAN CRAIG - Open to inspiration
ANU VÄISÄNEN -  A natural connection to the spirit world

Whether you're new or have been studying spirituality for a long time, you'll get to learn something new. You will not only find answers, but also strengthen your relationship with the spirit world and yourself. 


24. March 2023:  Private sittings:

  • Evidential (75€, translation organized) : Stella Upton, Anu Väisänen, Annie, Alan Craig
  • Healing (65€, translation organized ): Steven Upton, Alan Craig, Vesa Järvensivu, Annie, Tapio Voutilainen, Kaija Sundberg, Anne Virtanen

24. March 2023 at 18-20 : Demonstration: Stella and Steven Upton (15€, event open to all)

25. March 2023: Workshops

25. March 2023 at 19-21: Demonstration, Anu Väisänen and Alan Craig (15€, event open to all)

26. March 2023: Workshops

(Please be there no later than 15 minutes before the start of the event) 

Tutors and workshops
25-26 March 2023

When registering, choose whose instructor's workshop you would prefer to work in. 

Stella Upton

Paranormal Investigation

There are many myths and misconceptions when investigating the paranormal. There are many differences between layered residual energy, residual ghost energy and spirit phenomena. The first step towards putting your own investigative team together is knowing what these differences are so that you may come to an understanding of what may take place.

We will look at the best basic equipment for a team to have, as well as the sensible way to to about a haunting investigation. Psychic awareness, K2 emf meters, evp recorders, ghost box, spirit photography and mediumship, are all important tools when trying to establish the reality of spirit phenomena. We will look at real ´ghost´ photographs and voice recordings.

We will investigate a haunted property to try to find if ghost or spirits still live there. I am looking forward to having people like you on my team, do you dare to join me?

Stella Upton is a popular English psychic and teacher with 30 years of experience. She has taught at Arthur Findlay Collage since 1999 and also works elsewhere in the UK and abroad. Stella teaches on a wide scale, e.g. message delivery, consciousness, spiritual art, meditation and paranormal phenomena. As her latest conquest, she has an aura graph painting! 

Steven Upton

Trance speaking

Steven Upton's medial path has already started in 1971 and since 1980 he has specialized in medial healing. At the same time, he also developed trance control and in 1993 trance and healing came together in one event. This began a long journey of development that has led him to become the trance healing and trance speech expert he is today. 

Steven has also developed his physical mediumship, which can be seen in trance healing as direct physical effects on patients. Everything Steve teaches is based on personal experience and not what I may have read or heard others teach. 

Alan Craig

Open to inspiration

How do you respond to the influence of spirit? During the workshop you will learn how to realize your true spiritual potential. 

The workshop offers the potential to deepen your understanding of your own spiritual self and it's role in developing your mediumship. It also looks at how to achieve a closer blend with spirit as you move to a deeper level of cooperation. You will have the opportunity to experiment with inspirational speaking, communication (evidential) and inspirational writing. 

During the workshop the focus is on practical exercises to expand your spiritual awareness build your trust and confidence. Are you ready to be inspired and work with the world of Spirit?

Alan Craig is from Scotland. Today he lives in Finland and works as a Spiritual medium and healer. 

Maailmankuvia : Meedio Gathering / Alan Craig

Anu Väisänen

A natural connection to the spirit world 

During the workshop we are connected to the loving spirit world. 
We will firstly connect to our own family and friends before moving on to connecting to 
other spirit people. 
We will use different techniques that make it easy to connect to the spirit world. 
Come and experience how the spirit world is waiting for you to blend with them.

There will be a translator speaking english.

Anu Väisänen has been working as a link between two worlds for over 15 years. She gives private readings, workshops and demonstrations all over Finland.

YouTube Links (in finnish):

RTV esittää: Paulin pakeilla Anu Väisänen - YouTube
RTVn Yölähetys 18.10.2020 - Vieraana meedio Anu Väisänen ja ystävät. - YouTube

Kaija Sundberg

25 March 2023: Map to your soul - guidance to your own path 
26 March 2023: Accept yourself - recognize your emotional blocks


What were you born to do in your life here on earth? To which direction your soul wishes
to guide you? Do you hear the call of your soul in your daily life?
At the beginning of every deed there is a thought the intention to do something.
Come and join us to clarify the direction your soul wishes to guide you to - to visualize
what you really want and need.

Our journey together starts by quieting our mind with the help of the empowering etheric
oils. We will create a mandala for your soul empowered with crystals and supplemented
with the visions your own subconcious mind chooses for you .

In the end of the journey Kaija will channel a message for each one of you. A personal
message, which gives the map of the soul more meaning and even clarifies the direction of
your life.


Come and join us to the path of feelings and the amazing world of etheric oils! This is a path to self-knowledge and peace.

We start with choosing an oil for each one of the students and learn to use this oil in
meditation for our benefit. Furthermore we discuss about the feelings that have
resurfaced during the meditation. We also examine the possible positive effects of the
etheric oils for our body. In this workshop you will learn to identify different moods you
have as well as to calm yourself

Price 90€ incl the personal etheric oil

Kaija Sundberg is the owner of Valonsilta, Natural Treatment Center, and an experienced organizer of several well being events, as well as spiritual growth courses and seminars held yearly in Finland.

Private sittings - introductions

Here are brief introductions to other individuals giving private sessions

Annie and Vesa 

Trance healing and evidential mediumship


Annie has always been aware of the unseen world and had her first personal strong experience at the age of 11. Ever since she has studied and trained different aspects of mediumship (trance, trance healing, shamanic path, evidential mediumship and spirit art) in Finland as well as taken courses for over 10 years in the famous Arthur Findlay College in the UK. For many years Annie was a chairman of a Spiritual Society in Turku and has been, and still is, organizing spiritual tutorial sessions and courses as well as private sittings face to face and via Zoom.


Vesa has also always had a certain awareness of the existens of the unseen world and he has been aware of the spirit helpers around him. As human beings it is importat to live our daily life and Vesa has always strived to take care of his responsibilites as well as he could have and he has also worked some periods of time abroad so, the actual spiritual studying has become bigger part of his life not until later when he was able to leave his daily job. Ever since Vesa has taken a huge leap in his spirituality and he wants to give credit for this, along with his Spirit helpers, to Mrs Anu Väisänen, who encouraged Vesa to start his spritual studies. Vesa has studied in Finland with Anu Väisänen and for over 10 years in the famous Arthur Findlay College in the UK. Vesa is doing trance healing, private sittings and having tutorial group sessions face to face and via Zoom.

Annie and Vesa live together in Pirkanmaa, Finland and share the dedication and love to the Spirit World and mediumship and the spiritual work to help others.

Annie and Vesa are intrested in various aspects of mediumship, but specially trance state and trance healing is very close to their heart. They both also share the intrest to physical mediumship and are open to new ways to combine different aspects of mediumship as their Spirit Teams have made them aware of that intrest too.

Annie and Vesa want to emphazise the importance of Sitting in the Power as it deepens the connection and blending with the Spirit World.

Tapio Voutilainen

Biodynamic craniosacral osteopath treatment

Tapio has already received healing gifts as a birth gift - just like his grandmother had. However, he closed this side of himself around the age of 8 because he didn't understand them and was scared when the spirit world approached him.

The treatment channels were opened again in 1996, when he began to see the side of the spirit world and sense the problems of the patient through his body. Tapio also has the ability to stop blood. 

Tapio has had his own osteopathic clinic for 20 years, where he provides osteopathic treatments for people of all ages, from babies to adults.

Anne - Valo matkalla

Anne's path to the world of spirituality began in 2012 with a new experience recommended by her sister: energy therapy. After this, there has been no turning back, instead she has been led from one course to another, both at Arthur Findlay College and at domestic events.

Anne has participated in the development circle Voimanaiset since 2014, learning how to strengthen her sensitivity and mediumship through versatile exercises. Since 2018, she has also led another development circle together with Tytti and participated in the trance circle.

At the moment, working on different trance levels and healing are close to Anne's heart.

Accommodation and meal package

The seminar will take place at the Orivesi Campus, in a park-like complex near the center of Orivesi. You can also participate in the event without accommodation. 

NOTE There are a lot of stairs in the buildings, so the place is not very suitable for people with reduced mobility.


In a single room: 45€/night
A two-person room:


Price 128,50€ (includes: FRI:  lunch, afternoon coffee/tea, dinner , SAT: breakfast, lunch, afternoon coffee/tea and dinner, SUN: breakfast, lunch and afternoon coffee/tea )




Accommodation or meal packages can be booked directly from the Orivesi Campus. The booking link will come later! 

When registering, mention the seminar and possible food restrictions and roommates.

Contact information
Koulutie 5, 35300 Orivesi
Tel.+358 45 2580 848

More information and schedule

Registration for the event starts at Orivesi Campus on Friday 24 March 2023 in the afternoon. Bidding ends on Sun 26 March 2023 at around 16:00. 

On-site payments in cash or MobilePay. 


You will work throughout the seminar in a workshop of your choice. You can choose the group you like when registering. The groups are filled in order of registration. 

On Friday and Saturday, a mediumship event will be held in the evening, where you can receive messages from the spirit world both from spirit guides and your loved ones. At the same time, the moment works with others as a healing opportunity. 


Corona safety is taken care of in accordance with the prevailing conditions. You can buy a single-use, individually packaged face mask at the venue (€1/piece). The visor-shaped face shield can be ordered in advance (€12/piece), text message +358 40 5021 502.


There are private sittings on Friday 24 March 2023. The price of private sittings is 75. Sessions are paid for in cash upon arrival at the booking office.

Evidential mediumship (75€):
- Stella Upton
- Anu Väisänen
- Alan Craig
- Annie Valonsäde

Healing (65€)

- Steven Upton (trance healing)
- Vesa Järvensivu (trance healing)
- Tapio Voutilainen (biodynamic craniosacral osteopath treatment)
- Kaija Sundberg (intuitive healing)
- Kaija Sundberg and Anne Virtanen (energy boost)


Demonstrations are open to all who are interested, welcome! 
Events in Orivesi campus Klementtisali, (door fee 15€, no advance registration).


Accommodation and meal packages are booked directly from Orivesi Campus

Price information 

The price of event: 250 € / Day visitors 90€ 

Registration reservation 50€ is paid within a week of registration. (Note: The booking fee is only refunded with a doctor's certificate) 

The groups are filled in order of registration. 

Payment information:
IBAN: FI87 5403 4120 0029 89
Account name: Luontaishoitola Valonsilta
Address: Virtaintie 34, 34800 Virrat, Finland
Currency: Euro
Reference: 4116 

Possible shared transportation will be announced later.