The Spiritual Growth
Summer Seminar 2023

in the unique memorable holiday resort Taivaanvalkeet, Levi, Lapland

12 Jun - 17 Jun 2023

Welcome to experience the summer of Lapland !

In the seminar, you are able to develop your mediumship during a long weekend
by guidance of several well-experienced tutors


Robin Hodson - Trance

Libby Clark (about Libby) - Healing
Maureen Murnan (about Maureen) - Shamanismi
Anu Väisänen - The Positive Interference  I  Natural connection to the spirit world
Tuula Jukola-Nuorteva - Evidential mediumship, advanced
Alan Craig -  Exploration of Altered States 
Annie ja Vesa - Trance without limits I Paranormal investigation

Tapio Voutilainen - Healing Workshop- learn to know the inner movements and rhythms of your body
Kaija Sundberg - Map to your soul - guidance to your own path   I 

The secrets of the seven chakras  I Accept yourself - recognize your emotional blocks 

Tutors and workshop topics

When registering, choose whose instructor's workshop you would prefer to work in. 

The workshops are 3 days long, except for Kaija Sundberg's and Tapio Voutilainen's groups.
 So you can sign up for e.g. Robin Hodson's workshop on June 12-14, 2022 and Anu Väisänen's workshop on June 15-17, 2022. 

You can see the times and lengths of the groups in the following introductions! 

Robin Hodson 

12.6-14.6.2023 TRANCE, basic   I   15.6-17.6.2023 TRANCE, advance

Robin Hodson is an English psychic with over 30 years of experience working and serving in Spiritual churches and centers both in England and in other parts of the world (USA, Canada and Europe in several countries). Robin is currently the President of ISF, Seafordspirit Center and Independent Spiritualist Centre.

Robin is a very experienced teacher at various levels of mediumship. His main interest is trance and physical trance and has been holding physical circuits for the past 25 years. 

Libby Clark 

12.6-14.6.2023 HEALING  I 15.-17.2023 HEALING

Information will be updated!

More about Libbysta: 

Maureen Murnan 

12.6-14.6.2023 SHAMANISM 15.-17.2023 SHAMANISM

Maureen Murnan:  I have been a Tutor at the Arthur Findlay college for 24 years. Training and development is a necessary step in becoming professional in our presentation of our Mediumship and Spiritualism. My work as a Course Organiser and Tutor on a wide variety of spiritual aspects is my passion but it is also a privilege to follow in the footsteps of the many Pioneers and past colleagues who have taught me and inspired me to expand my personal horizons.

My Mediumship and Teaching experience has taken me to many countries around the world to demonstrate and hold seminars on all mediumistic subjects. 

As well as my work at the Arthur Findlay College, and abroad, I organise many workshops and training session in and around the UK .

My love of working with Colour and the Aura led me to study Colour Therapy, as this seemed an obvious addition to bring the power of the rainbow into my Mediumistic work. As with all things this too has begun to grow of its own accord and I now combine Colour with Sound and Fragrance, finding as I work with my students that these natural vibrations that surround our everyday world have many effects upon us in body, mind and spirit. Trance and the Altered States of Consciousness is something I became involved with during my own student days at the College, perhaps it was because I had many excellent tutors who understood my individuality and the necessity of tender nurturing of this beautiful aspect of mediumship that has led me to continue my own trance development and enjoy working with students whose trance is beginning to blossom.

For the last 17 years I have worked very closely with the Shamanic Path as journey, towards personal development and discovery of our authentic self. I find this very rewarding to see students discover so much more about themselves and their ability to know and understand their own spiritual connection to both worlds.

More about Maureen: Maureen Murnan Archives - The Arthur Findlay College

Anu Väisänen 

12.6-14.6.2023 The Positive Interference / Easy way to connect
15.6-17.6.2023 Natural connection to the Spirit World


Come and understand your own special self. Every individual is the sum of all the experiences of the life you have lived. The experiences in your life are a valuable tool to work on a psychic and spiritual level.

During the workshop you will get more understanding of yourself and about how to connect on a psychic and spirit level.

There will be a translator speaking english.


During the workshop we are connecting to the loving spirit world. 
We will firstly connect to our own family and friends before moving on to connecting to other spirit people.
We will use different techniques that make it easy to connect to the spirit world.
Come and experience how the spirit world is waiting for you to blend with them.
There will be a translator speaking english.

Anu Väisänen has been working as a link between to worlds for over 15 years.She gives private readings, workshops and demonstrations all over Finland. 

YouTube Links (in finnish):
RTV esittää: Paulin pakeilla Anu Väisänen - YouTube

RTVn Yölähetys 18.10.2020 - Vieraana meedio Anu Väisänen ja ystävät. - YouTube

Alan Craig 

12.6-14.6.2023 Exploration of Altered States
15.6-17.6.2023  Exploration of Altered States

During the workshop we are experimenting to enhance our own spiritual power and learning how to surrender to the influence of spirit. Using techniques that bring silence to the mind the exercises are focused to help you achieve a clearer and deeper spiritual connection.

Alan directs the workshop exercises and communicates the basic ideas to achieve different levels of altered states from the lighter inspirational to the deeper levels of consciousness. We can blend with exceptional spiritual minds who bring wisdom and knowledge for our own spiritual growth. 

We will focus on evidential communication, philosophy and inspirational writing.

Alan Craig is from Scotland although he now lives in Finland. His training and experience of spiritual matters has spanned over 25 years. There will be a translator working with Alan.

Alan talks about his spiritual journey at these links,

Maailmankuvia sarjassa: Alan Craig 

RTV Yölähetys 18.10.2020  

Maailmankuvia : Meedio Gathering / Alan Craig

Tuula Jukola-Nuorteva 

12.6-14.6.2023 Evidential mediumship  I  15.6-17.6.2023 Evidential mediumship

In evidential mediumship we strengthen the ability to trust more strongly in the presence and connection of the loving spirit world. Under the guidance of a loving spirit world and with the help of versatile exercises, our ability to recognize the coming of the spirit world with quick, clear facts strengthens and we become more aware of what we sense with our different senses. The meaning of the message, which is the responsibility of the recipient, deepens from the general level to the most meaningful levels. We also fix our way of speaking and strengthen our skills to express things clearly, encouragingly and valuing the listener.

Tuula Jukola-Nuorteva has worked as a medium for over 20 years. She studied mediumistic skills in London at the College of Psychic Studies under Gerrie Mach for several years while completing her Healing studies. After her studies, Tuula was invited to the College of Psychic Studies to work as a psychic and teacher. Over the years, he taught weekly mediumship training classes at the College and led workshops, held mediumship sessions and gave private sessions. Tuula also frequently visited spiritualist churches and services in London as a medium.

Since 2000, Tuula has also visited and worked in the Finnish Spiritualist Society, Spiritual Development clubs and summer seminars as a medium and teacher as well as an instructor in national medial basic and advanced courses and Spiritual Knowledge courses. As a professional pedagogue, Tuula strongly believes that the instructor's most important task is to make students shine in a safe, encouraging and positive atmosphere.

Tapio Voutilainen

Healing Workshop- learn to know the inner movements and rhythms of your body
12.6-13.6.2023  I  14.6.-15.6.2023  I  16.6-17.6.2023

What is your body's cranial rhythm? The tissues of the human body have a cranial rhythm, meaning a fysiological rhythm like heart beat or the rhythm of the breething. It can be disturbed by stress, strain or accident. With cranial rhythms it is possible to correct the dislocations emerged in the human body. 

When you learn to know your own body, you will learn to take better care of its comprehensive well-being In this workshop we will examine the inner movements and rhythms of the body You will learn to recognise the tensions in your body and get the tools to relieve them. When your body is feeling good, so is your mind and your brains are sharp.

This workshop is for everyone who is intrested in well-being and healing

Annie ja Vesa 

12.6-14.6.2023  Trance without limits - free spirit
15.6-17.6.2023 Paranomal investigation - mediumship experimental course


Through altered states of mind you are able to experience closer connection to the Sprit World.

In this group we surrender to the quidance of the Spirit World and learn the various ways how the Spirit World is able to manifest through the trance state.

The understanding of the importance of our own and the group power will enhance as well as the different levels of trance states. The trust to your own Spirit Team will deepen and this will help you to get peace of mind and power to the challenges of the normal daily life.

In case you feel the need to explore your own potential and you are open to various ways of trance states - welcome to our group!


In this group you are able to enhance all your senses. We will investigate and verify the existens of the Spirit World using technology as well as with our mediumistic senses (recording, EVP, cabinet work etc).

By building the energy together in the group we endeavour to achieve suitable atmosphere for the Spirit World to manifest In case you are open to various phenomena and you want to deepen your understanding and relationship to your own Spirit Team - welcome to our group!

Annie has always been aware of the unseen world and had her first personal strong experience at the age of 11. Ever since she has studied and trained different aspects of mediumship (trance, trance healing, shamanic path, evidential mediumship and spirit art) in Finland as well as taken courses for over 10 years in the famous Arthur Findlay College in the UK. For many years Annie was a chairman of a Spiritual Society in Turku and has been, and still is, organizing spiritual tutorial sessions and courses as well as private sittings face to face and via Zoom.

Vesa has also always had a certain awareness of the existens of the unseen world and he has been aware of the spirit helpers around him. As human beings it is importat to live our daily life and Vesa has always strived to take care of his responsibilites as well as he could have.  
Vesa has also worked some periods of time abroad so, the actual spiritual studying has become bigger part of his life not until later when he was able to leave his daily job. Ever since Vesa has taken a huge leap in his spirituality and he wants to give credit for this, along with his Spirit helpers, to Mrs Anu Väisänen, who encouraged Vesa to start his spritual studies. Vesa has studied in Finland with Anu Väisänen and for over 10 years in the famous Arthur Findlay College in the UK. Vesa is doing trance healing, private sittings and having tutorial group sessions face to face and via Zoom.

Annie and Vesa live together in Pirkanmaa, Finland and share the dedication and love to the Spirit World and mediumship and the spiritual work to help others.

Annie and Vesa are intrested in various aspects of mediumship, but specially trance state and trance healing is very close to their heart. They both also share the intrest to physical mediumship and are open to new ways to combine different aspects of mediumship as their Spirit Teams have made them aware of that intrest too.

Annie and Vesa want to emphazise the importance of Sitting in the Power as it deepens the connection and blending with the Spirit World.

Kaija Sundberg 

Map to your soul - guidance to your own path 12.6.2023
Secrets of the seven chakras 13.-14.6.2023  I 15.-16.6.2023 
Accept yourself - recognize your emotional blocks 17.6.2023


What were you born to do in your life here on earth? To which direction your soul wishes
to guide you? Do you hear the call of your soul in your daily life?
At the beginning of every deed there is a thought the intention to do something.
Come and join us to clarify the direction your soul wishes to guide you to - to visualize
what you really want and need.

Our journey together starts by quieting our mind with the help of the empowering etheric
oils. We will create a mandala for your soul empowered with crystals and supplemented
with the visions your own subconcious mind chooses for you .

In the end of the journey Kaija will channel a message for each one of you. A personal
message, which gives the map of the soul more meaning and even clarifies the direction of
your life.


Find your inner self via the world of chakras and etheric oils - this is a journey to peace and self-knowledge!

We will use meditation and various practices to learn to know all the seven main chakras of a human being . We will also use the power of the aromatic oils, colours and music.

For each chakra there is a certain etheric oil, which helps us to dive deeper to the chakra concerned.

The purpose of this workshop is to find inner peace and balance of mind by learning to know the effects of chakras and the energies related to them. In the end of each practise we discuss together about the thoughts and feelings what each chakra has brought up in us.

To whom is this workshop? This workshop is for both the more experienced students as well as the beginners. You need not to know anything about the chakras. What you need is just an open mind and the intention to find the inner peace and to work together with others.


Come and join us to the path of feelings and the amazing world of etheric oils! This is a
path to self-knowledge and peace.

We start with choosing an oil for each one of the students and learn to use this oil in
meditation for our benefit. Furthermore we discuss about the feelings that have
resurfaced during the meditation. We also examine the possible positive effects of the
etheric oils for our body. In this workshop you will learn to identify different moods you
have as well as to calm yourself

Price 100€ incl the personal etheric oil

Kaija Sundberg is the owner of Valonsilta, Natural Treatment Center, and an experienced organizer of several well being events, as well as spiritual growth courses and seminars held yearly in Finland.

Kaija Sundberg´s Natural Healing Center Valonsilta is offering diverse therapies as well as Spiritual courses and private sittings in Tampere and Virrat (Finland).

Accommodation and meal package

The seminar will take place in Levi Taivaanvalkeat, Lapland, in the beautiful riverside scenery of Ounasjoki.
You can also participate in the event without accommodation.


The seminar venue Taivaanvalkeat can accommodate approx. 45 people. Additional space can be found at the hotel Hullu Poro in the center of Levi, from which there are daily transports to the seminar venue.  

Accommodation and meal packages at the seminar venue (Sun - Sat):

  • single room/person: 6 nights 672€ / 3 nights 336€
  • 2-3 person room/person: nights 504€ / nights 252€

The prices includes a meal package (breakfast, lunch, afternoon coffee/tea, home-cooked dinner and evening snack)

Meal package for day visitors €46/day


Accommodation and meal packages can be booked directly from Hullu Poro:, phone +358 16 651 0500. When making reservations, mention any food restrictions and roommate wishes.


Taivaanvalkeat is located in Lapland, Kittilä, Finland. See instructions for arrival here.
The nearest airport is Kittilä, from where it is approx. 20 km to the seminar venue Taivaanvalkeat and Tonttula

Price information 


- Total 6 days: 300 €

- Half of the seminar, 3 days: 200 €

- Day visitors: 70 €

The groups are filled in order of registration.


IBAN: FI87 5403 4120 0029 89
Account name: Luontaishoitola Valonsilta
Address: Virtaintie 34, 34800 Virrat, Finland
Currency: Euro
Reference: 4129


Demonstrations: 15 €
Lectures: 10 €
Private sittings: 75 € (interpreter is included if necessary)
Healing: 60 €