The Spiritual Growth
Summer Seminar 2024

in the unique memorable holiday resort Taivaanvalkeet, Levi, Lapland

10 Jun - 15 Jun 2024

Welcome to experience the summer of Lapland !

Place: Hotelli Taivaanvalkeat - Levi Center Hullu Poro and Tonttula

In the seminar, you are able to develop your mediumship during a long weekendby guidance of several well-experienced tutors

TUTORS (tentatively):

Adam Berry - Exploring your Soul and Spirit
Sofia Nola - 
Mia Ottosson -
Anu Craig
Alan Craig -  
Annie ja Vesa -  Mediumistic-etheric phenomenas I Various methods of trance states
Tapio Voutilainen
Kaija Sundberg
Katja Kouvalainen
Raija Pullinen -


Private Sittings 10.6.2023 and 13.6.2032
Choose the most suitable treatment or private sitting !

RESERVATIONS: +358 50 338 4081

Private sittings in Taivaanvalkeat
10.6. and 13.6.2024


There is now an opportunity to access various private sittings before the seminar
on Monday 10 June  and Thursday 13.6. from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Choose the most suitable private sitting for you

(Adam Berry, Mia Ottosson, Anu Craig, Alan Craig, Annie, Kaija Sundberg)

(Kaija Sundberg, Tapio Voutilainen)

(Sofia Nola)

(Tapio Voutilainen)

ENERGY HEALING, 2 energy therapists
(Kaija Sundberg, Tapio Voutilainen, Merja Kouvalainen, Katja Kouvalainen, Anne Virtanen )

(Annie ja Vesa, Alan Craig)

Shamanistic healing 100 € (1,5 h), other treatments: 70 € (45 min)
Private sitting : 75(45 min, interpreter included if necessary)
(Payments on the spot in cash)


Tutors and workshop topics

When registering, choose whose instructor's workshop you would prefer to work in. 

You find the times and lengths of the groups in the following introductions! 


You can participate as a day visitor in Annie and Vesa's, Kaija's and Anu's workshops
(€80/day, incl. lecture and psychic session).
Register as a day visitor: /
TXT. 040 650 6506 

Adam Berry 

11.6-12.6.2024 Exploring your Soul and Spirit
14.6-15.6.2024 Exploring your Soul and Spirit

Adam Berry is a modern-day Spiritualist medium with traditional values, who grew up in and around Bury, Lancashire. Adam was awarded the Spiritualist National Union's (SNU) prestigious Gordon Higginson Memorial Scholarship Award in 2016 and has since been awarded a Certificate of recognition with the SNU csnu (t) in speaking , Demonstrating and teaching, and has met the standard to become a assistant tutor at the Arthur Finlay college (AFC). Passing all 3 assessment weeks Adam decided that AFC is not for him at this time but will continue to work with his passion and integrity of the Spirit.

Adam is known for his compassion and dedication in serving others searching for proof of survival of the soul after physical death. This belief has led him to seek the very highest of standards in mediumship and knowledge of the Soul & Spirit, and he continues to study to this day in order to be of service. From experiences as a young child, his desire and drive to gain knowledge led him to study at The AFC, the world-renowned college for the advancement of Spiritualism and psychic sciences, which opened his mind and Spiritual development further.

.Adam considers himself privileged to have experienced some wonderful tutoring and teachings from many well-respected tutors over the years, however it was Mavis Pittilla who helped mentor and nurture Adam into the well-respected medium he is today.

Adam is internationally recognised. He sees mediumship as a healing and celebration between two worlds, and he delights in opening the minds of others through talks, workshops, and his demonstrations of Mediumship.  

Adam sees himself as not only a promoter and proof seeker of life after life, but a promoter of life within life, as we have a life and Soul purpose to live here and now. We can have the comfort of knowing that our Soul does live on after the physical death. 

Anu Craig 

11. - 12.6.2024
14. - 15.6.2024 

The topics of the workshops, coming soon:

Anu Väisänen has been working as a link between to worlds for over 15 years.She gives private readings, workshops and demonstrations all over Finland. 

YouTube Links (in finnish):
RTV esittää: Paulin pakeilla Anu Väisänen - YouTube

RTVn Yölähetys 18.10.2020 - Vieraana meedio Anu Väisänen ja ystävät. - YouTube

Alan Craig

11. - 12.6.2024
14. - 15.6.2024

The topics of the workshops, coming soon

Alan Craig is from Scotland. Today he lives in Finland and works as a Spiritual medium and healer.  Read more: Maailmankuvia: Alan Craig

Tapio Voutilainen

Healing Workshop- learn to know the inner movements and rhythms of your body
12.6-13.6.2023  I  14.6.-15.6.2023  I  16.6-17.6.2023

What is your body's cranial rhythm? The tissues of the human body have a cranial rhythm, meaning a fysiological rhythm like heart beat or the rhythm of the breething. It can be disturbed by stress, strain or accident. With cranial rhythms it is possible to correct the dislocations emerged in the human body. 

When you learn to know your own body, you will learn to take better care of its comprehensive well-being In this workshop we will examine the inner movements and rhythms of the body You will learn to recognise the tensions in your body and get the tools to relieve them. When your body is feeling good, so is your mind and your brains are sharp.

This workshop is for everyone who is intrested in well-being and healing

Annie ja Vesa 

11. - 12.6.2024
14. - 15.6.2024 

The topics of the workshops, coming soon

Annie has always been aware of the unseen world and had her first personal strong experience at the age of 11. Ever since she has studied and trained different aspects of mediumship (trance, trance healing, shamanic path, evidential mediumship and spirit art) in Finland as well as taken courses for over 10 years in the famous Arthur Findlay College in the UK. For many years Annie was a chairman of a Spiritual Society in Turku and has been, and still is, organizing spiritual tutorial sessions and courses as well as private sittings face to face and via Zoom.

Vesa has also always had a certain awareness of the existens of the unseen world and he has been aware of the spirit helpers around him. As human beings it is importat to live our daily life and Vesa has always strived to take care of his responsibilites as well as he could have.  
Vesa has also worked some periods of time abroad so, the actual spiritual studying has become bigger part of his life not until later when he was able to leave his daily job. Ever since Vesa has taken a huge leap in his spirituality and he wants to give credit for this, along with his Spirit helpers, to Mrs Anu Väisänen, who encouraged Vesa to start his spritual studies. Vesa has studied in Finland with Anu Väisänen and for over 10 years in the famous Arthur Findlay College in the UK. Vesa is doing trance healing, private sittings and having tutorial group sessions face to face and via Zoom.

Annie and Vesa live together in Pirkanmaa, Finland and share the dedication and love to the Spirit World and mediumship and the spiritual work to help others.

Annie and Vesa are intrested in various aspects of mediumship, but specially trance state and trance healing is very close to their heart. They both also share the intrest to physical mediumship and are open to new ways to combine different aspects of mediumship as their Spirit Teams have made them aware of that intrest too.

Annie and Vesa want to emphazise the importance of Sitting in the Power as it deepens the connection and blending with the Spirit World.

Kaija Sundberg 

11. - 12.6.2024
14. - 15.6.2024

The topics of the workshops, coming soon

Kaija Sundberg is the owner of Valonsilta, Natural Treatment Center, and an experienced organizer of several well being events, as well as spiritual growth courses and seminars held yearly in Finland.

Kaija Sundberg´s Natural Healing Center Valonsilta is offering diverse therapies as well as Spiritual courses and private sittings in Tampere and Virrat (Finland).

Accommodation and meal package

The seminar will take place in Levi Taivaanvalkeat, Lapland, in the beautiful riverside scenery of Ounasjoki.
You can also participate in the event without accommodation.


The seminar venue Taivaanvalkeat can accommodate approx. 45 people. Additional space can be found at the hotel Hullu Poro in the center of Levi, from which there are daily transports to the seminar venue.  

Accommodation and meal packages at the seminar venue (Sun - Sat):

  • single room/person: 6 nights 672€ / 3 nights 336€
  • 2-3 person room/person: nights 504€ / nights 252€

The prices includes a meal package (breakfast, lunch, afternoon coffee/tea, home-cooked dinner and evening snack)

Meal package for day visitors €46/day


Accommodation and meal packages can be booked directly from Hullu Poro:,
phone +358 16 651 0500. When making reservations, mention any food restrictions and roommate wishes.


Taivaanvalkeat is located in Lapland, Kittilä, Finland. See instructions for arrival here.
The nearest airport is Kittilä, from where it is approx. 20 km to the seminar venue Taivaanvalkeat and Tonttula

More information and schedule

Registration for the summer seminar starts in Tonttula on 12 June, 2023 at 13:00-14:00.
The seminar ends on 17 June 2023 at 14:00

On-site payments by cash / card / MobilePay


In the seminar, you can now participate in several different workshops (workshops are 1-3 days long). See the contents and dates of the workshops under "Instructors and workshop topics". The groups are selected upon registration and are filled in the order of registration.

The event includes several events, where you can receive messages from the spirit world from spirit guides as well as your loved ones. At the same time, the moment works with others as a community improvement opportunity. Outsiders are also welcome at these events!


Health safety is taken care of in accordance with the prevailing conditions


Information about private  sittings will be updated later.

Evidential mediumship
- Anu Väisänen
- Annie Valonsäde

- Alan Craig (trance healing)
- Annie Valonsäde (trance healing)
- Kaija Sundberg
- Vesa Järvensivu (trance healing)
- Tapio Voutilainen (biodynamic craniosacral osteopathy treatment)


Demonstrations are open to everyone who is interested, welcome!

The events are held at Tonttula´s vint.

12.6.2023 klo 18.30-20.00: Robin Hodson
14.6.2023 klo 19.45-21.15: Anu Väisänen
15.6.2023 klo 18.00-19.30: Alan Craig
17.6. klo 12.00-13.00: Spiritual service

LECTURES (topics will be updated)

13.6.2023 klo 18.00-19.30: Anu Väisänen
14.6.2023 klo 18.00-19.30: Tuula Jukola-Nuorteva
16.6.2023 klo 18.00-19.30: Robin Hodson


Price information 


- Total 6 days: 300 €
- Half of the seminar, 3 days: 200 €
- Seminar, 2 days; 135 €
- Day visitors: 70 €

The groups are filled in order of registration.

Registration reservation €100 is paid within a week of registration. (Note: The booking fee is only refunded with a doctor's certificate). 


IBAN: FI87 5403 4120 0029 89
Account name: Luontaishoitola Valonsilta
Address: Virtaintie 34, 34800 Virrat, Finland
Currency: Euro
Reference: 4129

Final payment by May 5, 2023.

Possibility of shared transportation, inquiries: Tel. +358 16 6510 500/


Demonstrations: 15 €
Lectures: 10 €
Private sittings: 75 € (interpreter is included if necessary)
Healing: 60 € (interpreter is included if necessary)